Missouri School Improvement Program

The expertise of Facility Solution Group will aid your District in accomplishing the goals outlined in your District’s Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP). As your District satisfies the planning component set out in the MSIP Standards and Indicators Manual, FSG will assist with planning and development of your five year strategic Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). FSG will identify resources and develop a plan of action to move from long-term vision to actual daily operations.

The following are some of the Improvement Standards out lined in the MSIP Manual that FSG’ expertise will directly address:


8.2 The district has an ongoing, written Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) which directs the overall improvement of its educational programs and services. Facility Master Plan

8.5 The community, through the board of education, provides sufficient financial resources to ensure aneducational program of quality. Enhanced Educational Environment

8.6 The board establishes and the administrators implement systematic procedures to ensure efficient fiscal management and accountability. Modernization

8.10 Facilities are healthful, adequate in size, clean, well-maintained, and appropriate to house theeducational programs of the district. High Performance Schools

8.11 The district’s facilities are safe. Lighting

9.1 Achievement. Enhanced Educational Environment

9.6Attendance Rate. High Performance Schools

High Performance Facility Charactersistics

Healthy and Productive

  1. Acoustical Control
  2. Visual Comfort
  3. Atmospheric Comfort

Cost Effective

  1. Considers true life cycle costs of products & systems.
  2. Requires perspective that looks beyond first costs
  3. Positively influence both sides of financial books
  4. Results from a team approach to integrate building systems.


  1. Site selection
  2. Minimize energy consumption
  3. Protect and conserve water
  4. Use facility as a learning tool
  5. Use Environmentally preferable products