Operating Costs Reduction Initiatives

Dollar Cost Savings and Energy Efficiency Analysis: In addition to articulating how your facility modernization will create a more productive educational environment for students and faculty, FSG’s computer simulation programs will identify short and long term energy cost savings. We will also quantify the 20 year “Life Cycle Costs” of the equipment and systems in your plan to help support the rationale behind your administrations modernization choices.

Successful energy reduction initiatives begin by understanding where you are and where you can go.

Basic Steps to Cost Reduction

  • Step One – Perform an Energy Audit – Evaluate and Build Database of Energy Equipment and Controls
  • Step Two – Implement the Action Plan – Identify and catalogue your building’s energy equipment, we confirm how it is controlled, whether it works properly and how it should operate to provide a comfortable and productive working environment for building occupants at the lowest possible cost.
  • Step Three – Produce, Implement and Verify Recommended Actions and Document Savings

Energy Reduction is About Understanding That:

  • All day we’re using energy in our building
  • Some things we do use a lot more energy than others
  • Simple changes in our habits can lead to big reductions in our building’s energy consumption
  • Reducing our building’s energy consumption is important