Facility Solutions Group (FSG) was founded in 2001. One of the first customers of FSG was Rockwood School District (RSD). RSD is one of the largest school districts in the St. Louis Metro Area consisting of 37 facilities totaling more than 4 million square feet. To this day, FSG is the primary MEP/FP engineering firm for Rockwood School District. The relationship has remained for over 20 years.

FSG first assisted with Rockwood School District on a 10-year Master Plan with focus on HVAC and lighting systems. The Master Plan outlined the following decade worth of HVAC and lighting projects for the District to implement. The Master Plan has been consistently updated throughout the years, most recently in 2017 for planning of a 2018 bond issue.

In 2010, FSG performed a Retro-Commissioning analysis at all of the buildings. The Retro-Commissioning reports were used to identify and remedy poor indoor air quality and comfort of the buildings. CO2 and temperature/humidity monitors were deployed to identify systems that weren’t maintaining a healthy indoor air quality or comfort. These reports provided the District the information needed to employ projects that improved indoor air quality and improved thermal performance for the wellbeing of their students.

FSG has been involved with five (5) bond issues through the 20+ year relationship that includes building additions, building renovations, HVAC upgrades, Lighting Upgrades, etc. in almost every single facility. FSG has worked with over ten (10) architectural firms on these bond issues providing continuity and knowledge base of the buildings that is unmatched by any other firm. This knowledge  of their facilities gives the entire design team helpful insight on potential infrastructure deficiencies that can be proactively addressed.

FSG is also frequently involved with smaller projects that RSD personnel need assistance in. These range from troubleshooting MEP/FP systems, determining a way to reconfigure an HVAC system to accommodate a small in-house building renovation, or even something as small as recommending a particular brand of equipment. Rockwood School District has always relied on FSG as a helping hand with anything related to their facilities.

As Director of Facilities the past 10 years, I have learned the true value of having trusted firms such as FSG at your team’s disposal whenever required.  FSG has been a key partner on countless projects over the past 20 years and their team continues to be an integral part of the district’s current project delivery method.  From project planning to project execution, the FSG team provides all of the services necessary to deliver successful building improvement projects to all district stakeholders.  The trust level that has been established between FSG and district administration continues to grow on an annual basis.  There is no doubt that FSG always has the best interest of their clients at the forefront when working collaboratively on any type of facilities improvement project.

Chris Freund, Direct of Facilities for Rockwood School District