School and Facility Lighting Modernization

Understanding that a reported 56% of energy usage in school buildings is from lighting the facility, FSG can implement proven strategies which deliver cost savings while improving light levels. A lighting modernization plan of action offers the greatest and fastest return on the investment-often in a couple years time frame. Our lighting modernization expertise includes:

  • Fixture Upgrades: Too often, lighting upgrades consist only of replacing magnetic ballasts with electronic and T12 lamps with T8. This simplistic approach can result in less than optimum illumination and higher than necessary energy cost. FSG “engineers” the best solution for each facility by identifying the best combination of components to ensure that the post retrofit system delivers the lowest energy consumption while delivering maximum illumination to the learning environment. Utilizing “best-in-class” photometric simulation software we input existing fixture data and light levels to establish the base line for our upgraded design. FSG is product neutral which frees us to evaluate all products and manufacturers to deliver the best solution at the lowest cost.
  • Lighting Control: The benefits of daylight usage on student achievement and energy savings is well documented. FSG has the expertise to design occupancy and daylight harvesting systemsthat seamlessly integrate with building functions. This strategy is particularly effective in the classroom. FSG is also looking to the future as technology is available that will integrate lighting management with the total facility energy management system.
  • Project Execution: Frequently districts want a single source to handle all aspects of a lighting modernization from design through installation. FSG has executed millions of square feet of lighting modernization via this turn-key approach. From scope development and project cost estimation through installation and warranty, FSG is the districts single point of contact for all aspects of the lighting modernization.

Lighting Upgrade . . . Now is the Time

Economic, environmental, and community awareness are at an all time high. FSG can aid your district in understanding and implementing the available technologies that will offer financial incentives and higher levels of student achievement.