High Performance School

Would you like your building to…

  • Heightened Student Achievement?
  • Reduced Operating Cost?
  • Promote Better Student & Teacher Health?
  • Increase Average Daily Attendance?
  • Improved Teacher & Staff Satisfaction & Retention?
  • Reduced Liability Exposure?
  • Enhanced Indoor & Outdoor Environmental Impact?
  • Eligibility for Financial Incentives?
  • Demonstrate Leadership?
  • Strong Public Support?

As defined by the Federal Healthy & High Performance Act 2002…

A High Performance School is a school building in which the design, construction, operation, and maintenance, use energy efficiency and affordable practices and materials; are cost effective; enhance indoor air quality; protect and conserve water. Design with an integrated whole building approach”.
(www.ed.gov/legislation/ESEA pg.83)

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High Performance Charactertistics

Healthy & Productive

  1. Acoustical Comfort
  2. Visual Comfort
  3. Atmospheric Comfort

Cost Effective

  1. Considers true life-cycle costs of products and systems.
  2. Requires persepctive that looks beyond first costs.
  3. Positively influence both sides of financial books.
  4. Results from team approach to integrate building systems.


  1. Site selection
  2. Minimize energy consumption
  3. Protect and conserve water
  4. Use facility as a learning
  5. use Environmentally preferable products