Educational Adequacy

Teaching methods are evolving, requiring schools to have more flexible, multifunctional educational spaces. The ENHANCED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT offers students and educators access to digital tools and media rich resources that will help them explore, understand and relay information about the world they live in.

FSG professionals can help you develop a customized facilities plan as you seek to enhance your district’s learning environment.

As School District’s find it necessary to “shoehorn” 21st century, modern-day learning into 19th century surroundings lighting, central hearting, air conditioning, and adequate ventilation requirements change and need to be addressed.


The ability to see lessons and visual instructions clearly is paramount to constructing knowledge, weather viewing a presenter, a white board, a smart board or a screen. Layered Lighting allows the eye to adjust and respond for visual clarity to the chosen method of presentation.

(Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan

Three Key Classroom Lighting Settings

  1. Night, general lighting scene. All general lighting system lamps on.
  2. Daytime, general lighting scene. General lighting system lamps affected be available daylight, either switching or dimming. Switched daylighting scenes can be created be switching luminaries rows or rows of lamps.
  3. Any time, low-level scene. General lighting lamps off, controlled down light lamps on or on with manual dimming controls. In a single lamp direct/indirect systems, dimming to low level with extinguishing of luminaries closest to the screen is encouraged.