White House environmental Quality Adviser Visits Bayless High School

Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, President Obama’s Principal Environmental Adviser, Nancy Sutley Visits Bayless High School

Nov. 14, 2011 Nancy Sutley, environmental quality ad visor to the White House, tours Bayless High School in south St. Louis County. The White House officials chose Bayless High School for the visit because the “Energy Star” certified school has installed a high-efficiency heating and cooling system that costs less to operate than the old system and reaches 60 percent more of the school building.

Bayless superintendent Dr. Maureen Clancy-May reiterated the high school was chosen because it’s been recognized as an Energy Star certified school that’s using more efficient technology to lower energy bills. Dr. Clancy-May explained, ” I’m very excited about the White House visit, It came to pass because back in 2008 our community supported us with a no-tax increase bond issue to do some improvements in our schools to make our classrooms a better learning environment.”

St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley and other local officials accompanied Sutley on the visit. After the tour they engaged with faculty and students about the importance of energy efficiency in a question and answer session.

Facility Solutions Group Engineer, Chris Jerden, explains how a VRV system conserves energy to White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair, Nancy Sutley.

“The new system provides 100% heating and cooling while meeting current ventilation codes and increases lighting levels building- wide,”explained Facility Solutions Group Engineer Chris Jerden. “For example, the illumination levels in all classrooms were increased from an average of 35 foot-candles to recommended 50 foot-candles.”

White House Environmental Quality chair Nancy Sutley expressed her desire for Bayless HS to be held up as a national model for other schools looking to increase efficiency while lowering energy costs. “We know that there are lot of common sense, cost-effective things that you can do in schools across the country, and we are excited to see the creativity that comes from districts like Bayless,” Sutley remarked.

Chair Sutley and other Officials observe improved classroom environment.

Chair Sutley explains benefits of efficient Chair Sutley Indoor Air Quality to Media. Chair Sutley and St. Louis County Executive Charley Dooley hold Q & A session under new HVAC and lighting system.