Rockwood R-VI School District District Wide Lighting Modernization

The Rockwood School District is the second largest district in the St. Louis Metro Area. With an enrollment exceeding 22,000 students, it is comprised of 35 facilities totaling more than 3 million square feet.

In 2005 Rockwood selected FSG to serve as the program manager for a multi-year lighting modernization iniatives for all facilities within the district.


Project Objectives

The program was included as part of an overall effort to reduce district operating expenses as well as to improve the learning environment in all academic areas that was endorsed by the school board beginning in fiscal year 2005.

FSG and Rockwood administrators developed the program to focus on the following objectives:

  • Enhance illumination effectiveness
  • Reduce lighting energy consumption and associated cost
  • Create standardization of fixtures and lighting components
  • Simplify maintenance and reduce cost


Project Scope

Attaining the project objectives defined the following scope of work:

  • Replace older magnetic ballasts and inefficient T12 lamps with high efficiency electronic ballasts and high efficiency T8 lamps.
  • Replace existing metal halide fixtures in gyms and common areas with T5 high output high bay fluorescent fixtures.
  • Retrofit incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent.
  • Replace all non-LED exit lighting with LED exit signs.
  • Install dual technology occupancy sensors in all areas.
  • Perform re-lamping of all existing electronic ballasted fixtures.


Phased Implementation

The old adage of "How do you eat a 1,000 lb. elephant?" with the answer being "One bite at a time" applied to this project. However, the answer in this case was "3 big bites".

This first bite was a pilot project at one of the district's middle schools. The objectives of the pilot was to validate forecasted energy savings, confirm installation costs and test the use of occupancy sensors in a live academic environment for a 6 month period.

The pilot was successful in every way and thus the decision to launch the project was made by District officials.

The implementation was staged in two phases. The first phase focused on the 4 high schools and 6 middle schools. It was performed during the spring and summer of 2007. The final phase included 19 elementary and 4 administrative buildings and was completed during the summer and fall of 2008.


Complete Scope - On Time & Within Budget

District officials were extremely pleased with the finished product. Not only had substantial annual energy savings been put in place, along with district-wide standardization of lamps, ballasts and fixtures, but the FSG engineers had developed a district policy standard on required illumination levels in all classrooms, offices and common areas and confirmed via physical measurements that all retrofitted areas met those required levels.

Project executive, David Blickenstaff, the Rockwood Director of Facilities, summed up the results this way: "To upgrade 150,000 lamps, 26,000 ballasts, 2,000 fixtures and 3,700 sensors and have essentially zero complaints from 22,000 students and 3,400 faculty and staff is truly amazing. The FSG team of professionals essentially became an extension of our facilities organization and got the job done as promised and under budget!"


Client Reference:
David Blickenstaff, Facility Director, 636-458-7295
Dennis Griffith, Assoc. Superintendent, 636-458-7295