School Planning Services

FSG’s planning process provides a vehicle to safe, healthy, comfortable, and efficient educational facilities which promote effective learning. FSG working with central administration and user groups on evaluations, project desires, budgeting, project design guidelines, and other special studies, form the bases of a planning project.

Planning Expertise

  • Missouri / Illinois School Improvement Plan – Five Year Plan: As your District satisfies the planning component of your school improvement plan, FSG will identify resources, lend expert counsel, and develop achievable phased-in projects with a plan of action to move from long-term vision to actual daily operations.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Strategic System Plan: FSG is familiar with best operational practices and efficient equipment. The process begins by coordinating with district personal creating a strategic system that identifies, in a plan, goals and objectives in efficiencies and cost savings. Strategic planning, now, produce savings later.
  • Energy Master Planning: FSG knows improving the energy performance of the district buildings increases the amount of available educational dollars. Exploring cost-effective solutions for lowering energy usage while providing the necessary environment for learning will identify the possibilities . In turn, the implementation of an Energy Master Plan will allow for the redeployment of funds. This planning is crucial, let FSG facilitate this process for your district.

Planning… provides the strategies to achieve a true high-performance building: one that is cost effective over its entire life cycle, safe, secure, accessible, flexible, aesthetic, productive, and sustainable.

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