Initiation of a planning process is the beginning of any successful project. FSG believes project development includes a well-conceived strategy, the assembling of a qualified team, the formulation of a detailed plan, evaluation of the physical challenges, and the implementation of productive communication with the district and it’s stakeholders.

Project Development Expertise

  • Facility Assessment: Understanding the existing conditions and the effectiveness of the systems is a crucial component of developing an over all plan of action. FSG ‘s 70 years of combined experience in commercial HVAC equipment, building automation design and lighting application and design insures an extensive and accurate assessment.
  • Cost Estimation and Budget Development: The in-depth knowledge FSG has of and provides the experience in analyzing the critical Project Development equipment system applications cost components in the construction process. This type of evaluation identifies the cost and value of potential project s providing the district with precise data for decision makers.
  • Design and Document Development: FSG develops a coherent set of documents that clarify the design objectives identified during the planning phase. A high-quality result is directly related to engineering drawings and data have captured an accurate detailed explanation of the project.

Project Goals

During the early planning stages of a project, FSG provides sound advice in translating a District’s goals and objectives into a clear and comprehensive plan of action.