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We understand how important efficient HVAC and lighting systems are to the comfort and productivity of your students and faculty. We also appreciate how reduced funding and shrinking budgets impact today's educational facility infrastructure. We are unique because we costs have the expertise to focus on both installed and operating costs. Frequently facility modernization decisions are based solely on first cost even though operational costs over the 20‐year life of the system and equipment will dwarf the first cost.

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As registered professional engineers, we have more than 70 years of combined experience in commercial, industrial and institutional building projects, which include dozens of K-12 facilities for both new and retrofit construction. We combine indepth knowledge of all types of project delivery systems with 40 years of combined experience in commercial HVAC equipment and building automation design, application and installation. We can help you determine which construction approach is best suited to your particular situation; bid and spec, design build, performance contracting or anything in between. Our independent approach allows us the freedom to consider all options and select the best choice for your building, whether it be HVAC, plumbing, electric distribution, lighting or all of the above.